Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Save Luella

It is a shame about Luella Bartley's backers pulling out. Hopefully someone will come to her rescue as she really is a great British designer and I have been a fan of hers for a while. I love her girly looks with a rock chic edge and Topshop collections always had a Luella feel about them. I have posted some of my favorite pictures from her S/S10 collection and these are beautiful and very Luella lets just hope that we do get a chance to see these.




If you want to show your support there is a face book page Save Luella.


  1. I had no idea her investors pulled. thats so sad! the collection is really cute.

    xx Niki

  2. I always loved Luella and longed to have a piece of one of the collection!!!
    They are so girly and although these models are stick thin, i think that that the outfits are aimed at curvy people because of the flamboyant shapes :) Like me!!!

    So sad about the investors :(


  3. Oh really thats fab that there may be a new investor. It makes sense because shes so talented and as you say her influence is huge so her sales are not exactly bad. Im glad we wont have to see her disapear. It means the sale prices on the luella website may go up again though lol x

  4. Luella is my favorite designer too!
    OKAY OKAY! i may just be a lil bias [since we have the same name, just different spelling though] but i seriously think she has mad talent!!

    this is sooo upsetting that her investors are pulling out! ughhh!

    i loooove luella. if it werent for luella and her collection for target years agoo, people wouldnt have known how to pronounce my name!! haha :]


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