Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Haute Mess Award

I have received the Haute Mess Award from Wild as a Mink, But Sweet as Sodapop for my style and accessorising skills check out her blog she has great style and good tips from fashion to make-up.

We all know the drill so here are 7 facts about me and 7 Bloggers:

I spend way to much time and money in Topshop
I love Christmas songs and can't get enough of them this time of year
Winter is my favorite time of year
I have one sister and three brothers
My favorite food is Italian especially pizza yum yum
I could not live without my iPhone
I need to buy more shoes :)

Here are 7 bloggers I recommend check them out

Clashing Times for her happy go lucky Topshop wearing Blog
Ninjin Love for her great pictures and unique style
Bloomingvogue her great style and layering skills
Elisharon her cute outfits and cakes
Mon Mode Blog for her different style
I Love My Blog for her great blog and amazing way of style
My Fash for her awesome style and tips

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  1. Thanks girl, that's so sweet =) I will do this as soon as possible. By the way, I had the idea to support you on my blog just two days ago ;) I really love your style and more people have to know you! This is a happenstance now =)


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