Sunday, 20 December 2009

A Lace Affair

Lace Top Topshop, Shoes Seychelles, Necklace New Look, Fur Collar Thifted

Today my outfit was inspired by the Louis Vuitton A/W09 collection. I brought the calf length lace leggings on Monday from Topshop and they straight away reminded my of Louis Vuitton. I put a pair of blue tights under them to pick the colour out in my skirt. I brought a set of false eyelashes from MAC yesterday I put them on today what a mess I think I will have to practice. Thay looked OK but not as good as the MAC girls :( as they say practice makes perfect. Just found this on you tube I will try this tomorrow and hopefully have more luck with my lashes x


  1. You are stunning :)
    LOVE the skirt <3

  2. Cute skirt! ;))

  3. I adore ery single thing about your outfit. Perfection.

    Hope you had an immense weekend darling
    Stay safe and chic
    English Rose x

  4. I love this whole look! Nice blog

    xoxo, thn

  5. Great mix of textures and prints!

  6. Beautiful outfit,love it!

  7. Hi Lovely... I haven't stopped by on your blog for a while... I've missed your lovely face and great outfits. hee hee. :) Hope you're doing well.... As always, you look fab!! I love the peekaboo blue tights under your leggings.

    Hope you're having a Happy Sunday.

    Love & Aloha, Sharon

  8. p.s. Yay for falsies! I love falsies and how they just glam up a look!!

  9. SUPER outfit! Love how you mixed thing. They idea of 2 pair of tights is so great. The skirt is so beautiful.

    B* a la Moda

  10. why do you always have to be sooooo gorgeous!? you really inspire me with your style.


  11. Thank you gorgeous people for your lovely comments xxx

  12. I agree with everyone here. Amazing outfit and I adore your skirt. Thanks for posting the how-to video about the lashes!

    Wear Necessities


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