Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Stylish Girl App

I have had an iPhone for a year now and one of the apps that I cant live without is Stylish Girl it is the ultimate style planner and shopping assistant revolving around the clothes in your wardrobe and the clothes you love to have. Basically you take pictures of everything in your wardrobe yeah this does take a while but you can put things into Spring Summer Autumn Winter and than categories ie dresses, trousers accessories etc. Then you always have your wardrobe with you the best thing is you can also outfit your wardrobe which is brilliant to fall back on when you really do not know what to wear. You can also arrange your holiday wardrobe and you can also add items from the internet try it for yourself it is also free to install bonus. They also have a website check it out here.

Fashion is all about how you put your clothes together, so mix and match your clothes with the Stylish Girl's FUN & EASY interface and step up your style.

- CREATE AMAZING OUTFITS anytime and anywhere;

- RE-DISCOVER WHAT IS IN YOUR CLOSET and never buy duplicate items again;

- SHARE YOUR OUTFITS AND CLOTHES with your friends and let them be your fashion consultants;

- SHOP ONLINE. Browse, mix and match the online items against your clothes and outfits;

- PACK FOR YOUR TRAVEL QUICKLY without forgetting anything behind


  1. This actually sounds ingenious. I always forget about things in the back of my wardrobe. It reminds me of the computer program Cher has in Clueless!

  2. Wow, this sounds awesome! I wonder if it's available on Blackberry? Eleanor is right - it's Cher's computer for the 21st century! :)

  3. wow, i was actually thinking of photographing my wardrobe items and making an archive on my computer! hm, that will have to do since i don't have an iphone, i just need a spare few hours to actually take pics of my clothes! x


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