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I work at House of Fraser a department store here in the UK and something exciting happened last October they acquired Biba and they will be launching the collection in September 2010 the store that I work in has been chosen to stock it. It will have two different labels Biba Blue will be denim and Biba Gold will be limited edition pieces with a higher price point. As a big fan of the seventies style I have to say I am massively excited about this.

Biba in the 1960's and 1970's was a first of its kind and offered high fashion to the young it was started by Barbara Hulanicki. My floor manager actually worked for Biba for five years and I love hearing about her stories and the clothes she wore which she has kept. My mum also shopped there in the 1970's as a young girl her first purchase was a lipstick. Sadly after disagreements over creative control Barbara Hulanicki left the company in 1975 and the store closed shortly afterwards.

Biba was relaunch in May 2006 under designer Bella Freud. The new collection was unveiled at London Fashion Week in September 2006 but unfortunately it did not last long and this is where House of Fraser comes into the equation.

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  1. Very excited too- biba completely amazing and fingers crossed the lines are well executed!xxx
    fashion clocked

  2. I wish I'd been able to shop in Biba! I liked a lot of Hulanicki's line for Topshop a couple of years ago, so I can't wait to see the new stuff (:

  3. Woww thats great news :)

  4. great pics. nice weekend. kiss from germany ;)

  5. Ooo that sounds fun :)
    Those pictures look like its so gorgeous :)
    Jealous!!! We dont have a house of fraser her :/

  6. We are getting it in the Glasgow House of Fraser aswell im very excited :D

  7. sounds amazing! :D
    but we don't have a House of Fraser here unfortunately :/ must go to the UK!!! ahah


  8. Ahhh really!? Ohh i can't wait-thanks for letting me know :D xxxxxxxx

  9. This is great news as I have an interview for Biba at HoF.... I was wondering if you have any tips on what to wear to the interview. They said quirky and eclectic.

    Any suggestions would be great :)

  10. Hey anonymous
    I do not know what your style is but the main thing is to feel comfortable but I think a dress in a floral print with lots of pendants and a pair of open toe wedges or chunky sandals with socks would be great. Also think about your hair maybe a little back combing with a headband or flower. hope this helps.

    Good Luck and let me know if you get the job would love to hear. if you want send me a email on

  11. Anonymous: how did your interview go?
    I just received the wonderful news that I am going to be the manager of the Glasgow concession! Words can't decribe my excitement.

  12. there is as well Biba the Musical which is still doing great via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify!
    Soon to be on the London stage too.


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