Monday, 21 June 2010

What are those little pink hearts??

You might have noticed the cute little pink hearts next to all my posts images well this is a fab idea created by Hypeed. If you click the heart you can save the image to your inspiration page in Hypeed. If you are a blogger and want to add this to your posts or find out more click here . I am not sure if all you guys are familiar with Hypeed it is a fashion community where you upload pictures of your outfits but with a difference there are themes and your outfits have to match the themes and then you vote for which ones you want featured in their community magazine if you want to join the Hypeed fashion community click here


  1. Yeah I saw you! I just installed it but the hearts aren't showing up. Should I be more patient? :P

  2. Yeah I got it :p I'm too impatient haha xD

  3. sounds like a good idea!!!
    i have a lookbook invite giveaway atm if you are interested
    Brick and Bones

  4. thanks for talking about us on your blog :)

    Slanelle, hypeed's fashion editor

  5. Cool idea! Gotta check it out! ;-)

    Big Hug
    A Shopaholic is loose... ;0)

    Ps. my new shop:

  6. thanks for introducing such a great website to your readers. Ive made an account in hpeed!



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