Saturday, 6 November 2010

A little bit about Moi


I was tagged by Maude from Drugged by Fashion

She has started a new tag so that you guys can get to know us all a bit better here are the answers to her questions.

Your name Giselle

Whats your favorite color? Black never really know if this is classed as a colour or not.

What are your favorites stores to shop at? Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters I am a bit of a High Street girl.

What is your favorite clothing item to shop for? hmmmm not to sure it depends on my mood I think dresses as it is a whole outfit complete.

What are your obsessions? I am obessed with not getting wrinkles lol seriously I drive my family crazy I check for them everyday.

What do you collect? Clothes for sure, rings and faux fur coats

Who inspires you and why I find a lot of inspiration at the moment from fashion bloggers as there is some real inspiring looks and style out there oh and I totally love Kate Moss I always find her totally inspiring.

Who do you want to become? I would love to own my own Vintage clothing store

What is your favorite thing to shop for? Shoes they always change the look of an outfit

What is your favorite perfume? Any fragrance by Dipytique

Heels or sneakers? Heels I dont even own a pair of sneakers

Your favorite magazine? Elle

Do you have any hobbies? I have started to get into photography since starting my blog and I love a bit of decorating.

Say one thing what not a lot of people know about you I am always overdrawn as I spend all my spare money on clothes.

What is your style? My style has changed since I first started my blog but at this moment in time my style is rock chick with a bit of a vintage twist.

I have also got my laptop back yay xoxo


  1. Really like your blog!! Come to visit mine e follow me if you like to!!

  2. Love reading these! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Great post dear!!!

    Loveeee your dress <3


  4. ♥ your blog and your style :)

  5. yay welcome back laptop!! you dont own trainers?! are you crazy?!! how do your feet rest?

  6. What an awesome picture :) Great style!!


  7. fantastic to get to know you better! you are so adorable! :o)

  8. It's always nice to get to know the person behind the outfits! Rock and vintage is a good combination :)

  9. Hahaha I'm sure I'll be constantly overdrawn once I get a credit card. As if you'd get wrinkles; you're not old yet and you're beautiful! xx

  10. simple, but very nice look!

  11. nice to know about you, would love to see more pictures and your photography skills! ^.^

    Jo xXx

  12. It was so nice to hear something more about you :)


  13. Thx for your lovely comment ;)
    Nice to learn some more about you ..


  14. love this- good questions without being tooo personal and totally relevant. Ha love that all your spare money is for clothes- me too clothes and holidays..try to get some decent balance between the two!
    Kate moss is such a babe I keep collecting pics of her. great answers.xx ( just noticed you are nearly at 800 followers= wow!)xxx Katie.x

  15. loved reading your answers~

    I find it funny you check for wrinkles everyday - I doubt you're gonna get them for a while darling! x

  16. great answers! thanks for sharing!

  17. Loved reading these it's lovely to know more about you :D ! x

  18. Great picture and nice outfit!


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