Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kate Moss is smoking hot


You have all probably heard by now that Kate Moss walked for Louis Vuitton and finished the show smoking I bet she will get some bad press over this especially as today is no smoking day here in the UK but I also bet she won't care.


  1. ehhh...its clever, but smoking is still gross in my opinion. shes just a terrible role model for young women! kate put down the coke and cigs!!!

    love your blog though! just my opinion :)

  2. She's gorgeous and I do think pictures with cigarettes are sexy, but smoking itself is gross and not something fashionistas should be proud of...
    But she's a superstar, she can do whatever she wants and we're all still gonna love her. :)

  3. I think she looks amazing! But i can certainly see her getting bad press for it.

  4. Smoking is absolutely gorgeously fashionable!

    Not. Hate it! Even though it keeps me in a job. Just no. 0_o

  5. i think she look gorgeous! but i dont know about the smoking!
    shes such a rolmodel for so many girls,
    i LOVEIT i can tell, but i understand you about saying the bad Press!

    i LOVE your earlier outfits huney!
    love the fakefur!
    your so pretty!

    i have a new post

    XO model from holland
    everyday a new post

  6. love Kate! always rock'n'roll, and yes- who cares!?=)xx

  7. I think people should think about what is says about Louis Vuitton letting kate do this.

    We all now kate is kate so we expect it somewhat, however from LV? It may be that they are trying to get a bit of a buzz going in the media and on the internet and they probably hope Kate gets all the bad press and they just get their name everywhere.
    Or they could be trying to create a new image, they have always associated their brand as sexy, but unhealthy? Surely not!

    Love you blog hun! And i bought the hand cuff but it is a bit snug on me and looks more like a weapon! haha


  8. totally agree!

    sex on legs.

  9. I love her, she has such a presence. It's a nice ending though I am against smoking and publicizing smoking :P

  10. That's a really cool and interesting picture of her. I have always thought that she was very pretty and had a really interesting look, but she looked better I have to say, when she was younger. She looked more innocent then.

  11. The woman is a scab. She got her tits out for the boys as a 15 year old child. But for those photo's she would be manning the tills for Tesco. Given that she is still friends with the photographers who took those photo's I can only assume she thinks the sexualisation of children is fabulous and the idea of dirty old paedophiles wanking all over photo's of topless children is just like really sexy. Given that Ms Moss must have had half a ton of Botox to get her looking fresh faced again, and given that Botox apparently destroys nerves in its wake, I predict it won't be long before she is sporting a face like a stroke victims. Well, she will only be getting what she deserves for being an immoral, vain, greedy, selfish, pointless woman.

  12. She looks great, the outfit is seriously fierce but she would look better without the cigarette.

  13. Now that's accent for fashion!

  14. I think it's just okay. These are the times when people need to be - extraordinary.

  15. She looked gorgeous! ♥ x

  16. she looks stunning as ever but i dont think they needed to have her smoking..


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