Friday, 22 April 2011

A Good Good Good Friday


Top Missoni, Levis 501 Cut Offs ebay, Boots Durango (old)

I brought this Missoni top years ago I had a bit of a thing for Missoni and as I did not have a mortage at the time I indulged in a few pieces. Thought I would wear it today with a bit of a festi look. The sun is still shining here in the UK and it looks like it is gonna be a gorgeous Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. I love Missoni too :) Very colourful and nice materials :) The sun is not shining anymore in the south west :( Anyway will be all day in the library anyway :(

  2. hey giselle i love your outfits and comments but you never smile or laugh? why!?? you aare such a lovely girl please smile more

  3. the sun is shining in Bristol too I am loving it. and loving your outfit! Your top looks amazing, I love Missoni too, I have Missoni glasses but that's all I could afford haha! xoxo

  4. Hi hun,
    love this outfit and you look great as always. Top is just amazing lady and I love the boots. Isn't this weather to die for I am in heaven.

    Ps I think your poses etc are just perfect :-)

    Have a great weekend hunny bunny

  5. love your top <3

    happy weekend!

  6. Love it - the colours are perfect for summer! Have a wonderful, wonderful Easter :) xxx

  7. Love it! How on earth do you keep your legs like that? <3

    I'm having a little easter giveaway here if you'd like to enter!

  8. Argh, the anon comment! I hate those, its so hard to smile when theres er.. Nothing to smile for? I can't do fake smiles? Do you really want a faked smile? :P

  9. so lovely :) sounds like the perfect friday! xo

  10. you look so stunning girl x

  11. TRULY wish I had your body. literally a goal of mine to get somewhat CLOSE to what you look like! haha
    LOVE the outfit. Especially those cute black shorts.
    xoxo Debby

  12. Love that top as soon as I saw it, I knew!


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