Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I need round framed sunnies



From bottom left Therapy, Linea, Ralph, Topshop, Topshop Main picture

My Avaitor Ray Bans served me well last summer but I have been wearing them these last couple of days and I am really not feeling them anymore which is a good thing as I found a rather large chip in them (gutted). The question is what to replace them with I am thinking a round frame with a 70's vibe they will work perfectly with fringing and denim cut offs.

I found two pairs that I like at work I put the pictures on Twitter and the ones that everyone said I should go for were the pair in the righthand picture and a bargain £12.00 they are the Therapy ones.


  1. They're so glam! You're lucky that sunglasses suit you chick, I love the glamour of them but somehow they look weird on me always. Guess I'll just have to try more on!


  2. I really like the second one you're wearing!

  3. I fancy a round pair but they need to be huge and black!

  4. yep you have to buy a pair ;)

    ♥ yamina


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