Friday, 13 May 2011

Creeping back to leopard print


Top Primark, Levis Cut Off ebay, Boots Topshop, Hat H&M, Necklace Little Wing

You guys always seem to find the most amazing finds in Primark I on the other hand never do so I was so excited when I found this top in there the other day the smallest size left was a 12 but I do prefer things a little oversized and for six quid who cares. I love the open back of it and it is quite a classy leopard print dont ya think.

Blogger has been a proper pain just want to thank everyone for the comments on my Bleached post but sadly blogger lost them xoxo


  1. I love your TopShop boots <3

  2. I darlingggggggg ..........I love this TOp !!
    Beautifullllll !

  3. Love the outfit the top is beautifull !
    I was going to get it but i got the flowery one instead :)

    ellie oxoxox

  4. That top looks good on you! And Primark really is a hit or a miss. Here in Holland we have only 1 and it was quite disappointing. I rather go to London haha.

  5. i love the top and heels :)

  6. I love the back of the top and really like your boots with this outfit. Gorgeous as always!!! Happy weekend :) xxx

  7. your shoes are to die for

  8. you look beautiful!
    Love the top! Yes blogger was a right pain today!!


  9. What a hot look!
    I will always love leopards!

  10. I have been thinking about getting some leopard print for summer. My mind is now made up!

    I have been having loads of problems with blogger too, i had to rewrite a whole post grrr.

  11. Ahhh I love love love the top!
    Primark provides us the with best low priced tacky/trendy pieces :)
    It would be mine
    Your latest bloglovin follower!

  12. I really love leopard this time of year, everyone wears it in the fall- so it is sort of unexpected in the spring/summer.
    Great look.

  13. Girl again , a great outfit.
    and yes again

    im sorry but blogspot have erased my new post, so again my post online.. Hope you can put a sweet comment again on my blog.

    New/Old post,

    XxX mirjam.

  14. Great boots, fabulous top such a great find! x

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    Ginger Ecstasy

  15. I love Primark too! And this outfit is really great, love the mix of the casual with the structured heels!

  16. Hey hun , hope your well... Love this look and you suit the hat a lot. I have been living in my hats recently as I need my hair highlighted its yak. I got the flowery top but love the leopard on you. You always look great in animal print. Amazing boots.

    Have a good weekend chicken.

    mwah mwah xoxo

  17. This is like the perfect look in my opinion! The primark top is fab. xx


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