Tuesday, 14 June 2011

For "F" Sake Smile


Kimono Topshop, Leggings ASOS, Tee Primark, Boots Topshop

So far June sucks the weather is horrible and with the start of sale I am flat out at work and back to a six day working week that sucks the most but ASOS came and saved my mood by stocking the Style Stalker Snakebite leggings and these babies now belong to me you can see how pissed I am in these photos lol no not really I just cant smile in front of a camera more inside pics as yep you guessed it, it is chucking it down again. I swear if I hear the word drought one more time on the News I will scream xoxo


  1. Lucky you snapping up these beauties. And that Kimono is to die for, wish I had picked it up in topshop a while back.
    It is so hard to smile during this awful weather. I don't think we will get a summer you know, just more rain then snow! Perfect! xx

  2. i love that topshop kimono it really suits you! xxxx

    i love everthing <33

    Ivânia Diamond*
    Portuguese fashion blogger

  4. Those leggings are amazing! Very jealous

  5. They are amazing, love the whole outfit - and I'm sooo annoyed at the never ending rain too! xx

  6. Gisele! how are you... i feel like you are a long lost friend.. so hectic I never get chance to call by and something weird when im in my new home it doesnt allow me to comment on word verification protected blogs?!! I feel your pain with stupid hours and sale im going through the same!! Love the snakebites on you- so pleased you got some!Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  7. gorgeous look!

    the weather is really bad so far this year..i hope the sun comes back soon :(

  8. I'm the same, I can't smile and take the photo at the same time (p'raps we were meant to be men??!!). Love this and love your ring :) xxx

  9. omg whats for a look :) i do love this combination so much <3

  10. Those leggins are just crazy, they look incredible.

  11. Wow! Amazing look!

    I like your hair!


  12. waow,,,your legging so rock..cool


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