Friday, 22 July 2011

New Additions


With the shops full of AW clothes and the English summer MIA I decided to have a jumper shopping spree I have fallen in love with the jumper and shorts combo over the last few months and decided that I needed to invest in a few more. Primark and H&M had so many fabulous offerings. I brought two jumpers from H&M two from Primark and then I found the most awesome aztec print knitted leggings in H&M and believe it or not I own pretty much everything leopard print apart from leggings so I picked these ones up for a bargain £9.99 from H&M. Oh and a cheeky Topshop sale purchase the hippie top just in case summer does decided to make a late appearance :)))


  1. Those leggings are awesome! I want a pair :)

  2. awesome finds! i do love the jumper + short combo too even if it is hot outside! xo

  3. Fab goodies G, loving the leggings but I cannot believe the leopard print queen did not previously own leopard print leggings lol :-).

    The sun is shining today yipee, typical I am going up north to see my family and friends tomorrow where it will be the usual weather type!!! Brrrrrrrr

    Have a lovely weekend chicky egg xoxo

  4. wow i love the leggings! i need to find them :)

    happy weekend dear!

  5. What fun shopping, the jumpers look cozy!

  6. they look goooooood. I've wanted the silver H&M jumper for so long now, hope it's on sale here too! great purchases, girl x

  7. Oooh, love metallic jumper! XXX


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