Saturday, 30 July 2011

Our Secret World


Back in this post here I mentioned how the leg harness had been all over the fashion blog world and that in the real world it was something new. So this got me thinking about fashion bloggers and that there is actually a secret uniform for us bloggers who does not own at least one of the following or wants too:

The YSL Arty ring
JC Litas
Body, Arm, Leg or Hand Harness
Floppy Hat
Canon Camera with a Nifty Fifty Lense
Vintage Leather Shorts
Micheal Korrs Gold Watch
Dream Catchers
Fox Tail
Ombre Hair

If you guys can think of any more feel free to list them


  1. The watch is wonderful!!!

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  2. i definitely agree, i can spot fashion bloggers a mile off! they have a very distinctive not-so-highstreet look about them and it's so refreshing, because there isn't that many of them in one place at once.

    blogging is still sort of in the underground. i would LOVE some JC litas and a harness! maybe another you can add to the list is an alexander wang rocco duffle bag, or maybe black milk 'galaxy' leggings (or anything with galaxy print for that matter) crosses and all things studded are quite rare in the high street still. people either haven't discovered it yet or when they see people wearing studs they assume they're a goff :) silly.
    i think plain colours are also pretty limited. 'fashion followers' who aren't bloggers tend to wear things with crazy colours, things that match but when you step back from the outfit, realise it's so cliche it's ugly.
    i mean, minimalistic, monochromic outfits is very much for the blogging types. for example: she ahs the most basic of wardrobes but they're so beautiful!

    :) ps, if you have a look at my blog please excuse the bare-ness, it's a work in progress and very much NOT finished one bit!

  3. Hey Fiona yes for sure the AW Rocco bag and dont those Black Milk Galaxy leggings rock xoxo

  4. This is so good and true! How about crocheted or lace-tiered shorts?

  5. I love this post! It is so true! I think umbre hair has to be added or dip- dyed! Also skulls jewelry!

    I wish i was a blogger that had a photographer boyfriend like most bloggers seem to have!


  6. Those black (unwalkable) zara shoes every blogger owns! And from this list I only have the Canon and a (H&M) Kimono so I'm doing pretty well (or not actually haha)

  7. The only thing I have on this list is a floppy hat :( I really want every other single item on this list! I was gutted when I looked on asos for the hand harness you posted about and it was £12 :( Oh well there are others reduced on there that I'm tempted by too :)

  8. LOVE the watch - so cute

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  9. love Lita!

    Happy Sunday!

  10. I got the two last items, still looking for a YSL ring! Love this post xx

  11. Ha Giselle this cracked me up! its crazy the whole 'blog trends' that circulate, and some of my friends who dont read blogs are like really?? kimono- check, floppy hat- check, leather shorts- check and fox tail!! ahhhh! Enjoy your sunday! Katie.x

  12. I think I'd add Swan Clothing sock suspenders to the list as well (although I suppose they kinda fit into the harness description) x

  13. haha this post is very true.

    I own the YSL Arty ring.

    Jen xx

  14. Beautiful watch, I totally agree when I go into town it's so easy to spot a blogger by their jewellery or shoes xx

  15. Well i have the watch but i think you should add the sideways cross necklace that every blogger seems to own including me! And i even has the Mcqueen faux rocco bag, blame it all on laura(lollipo26 but now buy now blog later fame)!!

  16. American Apparel - Disco pants/riding pants

  17. haha love this post! Going to have to add anything with drop back hems, like skirts or dresses. Most of my friends think I own so many crazy skirts that aren't so crazy in the blog world! Oh and socks and sandals is deff a blogger fashion thing ! xx

  18. I own the watch but how could I resist???


  19. Definitely true ! :)
    And really want this YSL ring...

  20. ha ha this gave me quite a laugh, but it's SO true. The nice thing though is that in real life these things are quite rare. This got me thinking how yes many fashion bloggers have items on this list but most wear them in such different ways it doesn't seem like they all have the same thing.

    to add to the list;

    -ombre hair
    -mulberry alexa bag

    I'm sure theres more but that's all I can think of for now!

  21. i know exactly what you mean, i have thought about this alot! all the ones you have mentioned are so true, the isabel marant boots (or the lookalike ones) are all over the blogsphere i have noticed, unless you've mentioned them already in which case i am blind haha xxx

  22. hot white boyfriend,beach effortless hair


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