Saturday, 26 November 2011

Things I am Loving This Week


 I love Instagram and find I am taking more pictures of things I am loving.

I am loving black nail polish and red lipstick they work so well together. I am also loving my new topshop rings my evil eye one and this spike claw one which is like a lethal weapon and I have to be careful not to poke my eye out.

I am loving my £10 studded Boo Hoo   Boots and this amazing Biba lip balm ring which I am going to get next week waiting out for payday

and lastly I am loving Amelia Lily's pink hair ohhh and if like me you are loving her spiked cuff check it out here


  1. Oh no, my Claudia dyed her hair pink yesterday, I am not happy! It is darker than I expected as she was after Amelia's look but the hair dresser said it will fade after a few washes. I hope so!

  2. A very nice collection of love !

    Looking Fab in your forties - Pink fades VERY quickly... my friends faded to a dull pink within a matter of a week !

  3. I can't believe those boots were £10!! That's insane! The rings as well - fab! XXX

  4. I love Amelia's hair too!

  5. Amelia is just awesome.

    My pink hair has gone a horrible colour now after just 3 washes :(

    I'm also addicted to Instagram!

  6. lovely photos! Amelia Lily's hair is amazing.. I'm away to check out that cuff too xx

  7. Oh yes, Instagram is one of the best iPhone apps ever.
    I'm also loving the black polish.

  8. That spike ring is AMAZING! Would definitely come in handy as a secret weapon should you encounter any danger on a dark night ha ha :) xx


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