Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bleached Eyebrows


I have been noticing a little trend involving the humble eyebrow. I have not seen The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo yet (it is on my list of things to do) but I have seen images and what caught my eye was the character Lisbeth Salanders bleached out eyebrows. Gucci also sent models down the runway with bleached out eyebrows for their SS12 collection. I have gone one step further and I am sporting pink eyebrows but I am thinking bleached out brows will be a hot look for SS12 what do you guys think???



  1. Wow brave one G but gotta say the new pink brows look good. I don't think theres any thing you couldn't pull off hun xx

  2. Like the pink! My brows are way too dark to do anything apart from black.


  3. woweee Gis what a cool look. Only you could get away with it, you look like you belong on the runway yourself!! I am afraid I shall not be trying this trend it's scousebrows all the way for me hahaha xxxxxxxxx

  4. BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH. Babes you are rocking it. I actually love you because you are just UH-MAZ-ING. Like no not bleached eyebrows...you go on another level with PINK. AHHH i love it.


  5. i actually really like this look, i think it looks great.


  6. i like this trend..maybe i try it in summer too..and i can´t wait to see this movie!

  7. The pink looks awesome!

  8. You're my hero! Love the pink so much!! Been thinking about making my eyebrows blue since it's just so wicked! <3

  9. ha, thats so interesting, i had noticed the bleached eyebrows but i honestly never thought of pink!

    p.s i never read the girl with the dragon tattoo thus never got into all the hype but i accidentally saw the trailer today and was blown away, i really wanna see it now!


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