Thursday, 26 January 2012

A girl can change her mind


Shirt Boo Hoo, Pants Biba, Shoes Next

 I cant believe that I am wearing pointy court shoes people who know me really well know that I dont have great things to say about this style of shoe and here I am rocking a pair and already thinking that I need a plain black pair and a cuffed pair. The only thing is my toes are more used to spreading themselves out in comfort in a pair of round toed boots so I think it is going to take a while before I am rocking this style all day on the shopfloor.

Todays outfit is totally inspired by the image from this post here. After seeing the mix of Zebra and Snake print mixed with red I have decided to use this as one of my inspirations for my SS12. 


  1. Love this look, the mix of animal print and red is always a winner in my book. I'm not the biggest fan of pointy toes either but these shoes look lovely and I have been eyeing up cuffed versions too. xxx

  2. Hi hun, amazing outfit. The shoes are gorgeous. Thanks for your comment I am pleased you got the Red boots they are fab, they have them in a few crazy colours now Green mmmmmmm not too sure. You might find them comfy just one of mine think the right foot seems to be made funny kinda looks like I got 2 lefts.
    Love that blouse it looks so perfect with the red jeans beautiful as always poppet xoxo

  3. I love that blouse, wish they still had it in! And those jeans are amazing. Leopard and red does look awesome together.

  4. absolutely LOVVVE those shoes! i love how you have styled them with the outfit using that photo for inspiration. they are great shoes. xxx

  5. Oh, I do love this look! Like you say the animal print with the red looks amazing. I, too, am being persuaded in to the pointy shoe look ;)

    Emma xx

  6. lovely lovely look hun, mixing animal prints is so trendy and I love the pointy courts xxx

  7. Gorgeous outfit, I love the mix of prints! And those trousers are a lovely colour.

    Also just to let you know my second street style post is up and you may like the first photo

  8. You're rocking those shoes. brilliant look.

  9. amazing trousers, they look so good on you! x

  10. the colour of those pants is so so gorgeous, they look so nice paired with that shirt. you look great! x


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