Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dressing down


Jeans DIY, Jumper H&M, High Tops ebay

Having a little bit of a dressing down day. These jeans are a little DIY I did a while ago the dye I used was actually red so I was a bit surprised when they turned out pink I was going for the Isabel Marant look and wanted red tie dyed jeans. I teamed them with my high tops these are like never off my feet I love them. The weather is till pretty pants and I have given up on summer with AW12 hitting the stores I think I will be turning my attention to that instead now. 


  1. what colour did your jeans start out? i'd loooooove a pair they're beautiful!

  2. the jeans turned out very cool!

  3. hey hunny bun so lovely to see you posting again I've missed your looks. these jeans look fab very Miss Marant, so chic esp. with the high tops!! I saw some Isabel Marant Etoile in my local harvey nicks I was tempted lol. You look gorge xxxxx

  4. Right now summer is such a let down. I hope it sorts itself out!

  5. Great wishy washy jeans, look pretty damn cool

    Rianna xx

  6. Those jeans are gorgeous and I love your hair!

  7. The jeans are perfect! Hmmm, think I may attack some of mine ;)
    Emma xx


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