Saturday, 20 October 2012

Givenchy Rottweiler Tee

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 The Givenchy AW11 rottweiler tee is all over every social networking site from Instagram to Tumblr. Now I don't have the £200 to spend on the real deal but I do have an ebay account, these tees are all over it for well under £20.00. I ordered mine today and plan to team it with this seasons "must have" the leather pencil skirt. If you want to find one on ebay just put "rottweiler top" into the search there are loads! I scored mine from this seller here

If you have £200 to spare and want a real one check out this one from Selfridges here


  1. can totally see you in this tshirt i absolutely love it xx

  2. I saw it on blogger Jessica from Tuula and it's such a cool tee! Expensive but the dupe is great x

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