Tuesday, 18 December 2012

De Frisco Regalia

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When I was contacted by the lovely Marya from De Frisco Regalia to review her jewellery, I totally jumped at the chance. She is a very talented jewellery designer based in San Francisco with a very unique style. I picked the ring out here, I was totally drawn to the the tiny claws and statement smoky quartz pyramid. I asked Marya to pick the other pieces for me (I like a surprise) she got my style spot on and I am totally in love with the necklace, it is such a conversation starter. The quality of the jewellery is amazing and it all arrived in cute little boxes. Anyways be sure to check her jewellery out here. 


  1. Oh how beautiful! These are gorgeous pieces, the necklace is a beaut x

  2. these are such beautiful pieces!


  3. These are all so gorgeous :) Definitely your style.. and mine, love them.

    Indie by heart

  4. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3


  5. Wow, ill head over to her website this weekend!


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