Friday, 28 December 2012

New In: Boots

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Studded Boots Zara here, Boots Topshop here

Shoes/boots make an outfit, there are so many fabulous pairs out there at the moment, with Topshop totally leading the way. These boots are my latest purchase, I have wanted the Zara ones for ages and snapped them up when they went 50% off in their sale. The Topshop pair are amazing and so worth the money, I love all the hardwear on them.

My mum gave me the Kate Moss book for Christmas, if like me you are a big fan of Miss Moss then you should invest, there is a really great interview at the beginning of the book and the images are freaking amazing.


  1. those boots are sick! both so hot, they scream rock and roll! gorgeous, doll! enjoy them and have a great new year <3

  2. These are perfect for you I think! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, both are AMAZING! x

  4. Gorgeous boots!!!! Thanks for posting!!!

    Check out my brother and my fashion blog

  5. Amazing boots !! , are fantastic!
    Have a nice weekend!, kisses.

  6. the zara boots are made for you! awesome! happy new year!

  7. Ahh, crap! Here I was thinking I could curb the spending just a little.. Then I see these beauties!!



  8. Those Zara are sooo Isabel Marant, both very 'you'.

  9. Love these Topshop boots!!


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