Monday, 7 January 2013

Carolina K

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 I am so useless with saving money, I am meant to be saving for my holiday but instead I keep spending, this totally has to be my final purchase otherwise I am going to be so pissed when I get to California and have no shopping money.

Anyway dolls for all of you who have not heard of Carolina K, here is a little sample of her AW12 collection, amazing isn't it? I treated myself to the the cute fur trimmed vest in the first pic (oops). Carolina Kleinman is a very talented Argentinian fashion designer, she gets her inspiration from her travels to Latin America, India and other fabulous places. Check her out here.


  1. Love the collection! the fur trimmed vest is definatly what I would purchase aswell!


  2. absolutly amazing!!

  3. Great piece to add to your collection! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

  4. I'm terrible at trying to save too, have been on a no-spend type thing since before Christmas because I waaaay overspent in the run-up. It's hard avoiding all the great sales bargains though.


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