Saturday, 12 January 2013


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Lunar Cycle Picture Here

New year new ink, I want to get another tattoo done in February, I am using the moon as inspiration, something I have always been fascinated with, from  a little girl watching Christmas films and seeing Father Christmas and his sleigh flying across the moon, drawing Halloween pictures at school with a large full moon with a witch on her broomstick flying across it. I love the way the light from a full moon feels my bedroom, I often find myself staring at the moon I find it so calming and soothing. My iPhone is full of pictures I have taken of it. So it just feels right.

The idea I have is based on the Evil Twin moon ring I brought, it has the cycle of the moon engraved on it. I am going to have this inked on the inside of my elbow in a crescent shape.

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  1. oooh, i love tattoo posts! i like the idea of the moon (i find it quite fascinating too), can't wait to see the finished thing!
    i'm thinking of adding to my existing tattoos to make half-sleeves, hmm!..


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