Monday, 22 July 2013

Topshop Boot Junkie

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"Hi my name is Giselle and I am addicted to Topshop boots"

 I am loving Topshops boots, I am hoping that there will be just as many beauties when we go into AW13. My latest ones, the Arson boots in tan and my best bargain of the sale season so far the black ankle boots reduced from £110 to £50 and I have been living in them, they totally go with everything. I am a sucker for a shiny toe.


  1. I totally understand why you're addicted to Topshop boots, these are all AMAZING!

  2. they're all beaut! i haven't worn proper boots since i was in college, the second ones in from the right are amazing. i love all the toe caps aswell!

  3. I love all of topshops boots too, I just counted mine haaa and I also have 5 pairs! My most recent ones are the studded Arabel boots which I got this week and I doubt they will be my last pair x

  4. You need to know i ADORE your boots collection!
    Don´t you wanna sleep in them , too? beautiful, babe! you´re a sucker? i´m a boot junkie!

  5. I am such a sucker for Topshop boots too, just wish I could afford as many pairs as you! I love that you now have the Arson ones in tan as well. Makes me happy when I see their boots go in to the sale, literally is like Christmas haha xxxx


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