Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NF Jewels

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I am stoked that Sarah from Nostalgic Feather has finally started selling her jewellery, she has been constantly torturing me on Instagram with her designs. This is one of her first pieces and it has alreday sold out (I was first in line to grab a piece). She is just starting out and her business is at the fledgling stage but I know she is going to be big. 

Check her jewellery out here
and she also has a blog Nostalgic Feather

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  1. Omg i really want one of these i have finally started a blog after being inspired by yourself thanks so much Giselle for giving me the chance to read such an awesome blog! You so need to enter more competitions where you could be voted for as yours is one of my favourite blogs to read! Spreading the luvs Alice


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