Sunday, 30 August 2009

"Snooze you lose"

This is the Kate Moss for Topshop leather dress that I could of brought on Thursday night. I decided on Friday night that I could justify the price I went on to the website with card in hand, my heart beating fast with a big smile on my face to order it, just to find out that it had sold out. I went over the website over and over again in the vain hope that it had to be there somewhere. It wasn't :(. It is now on ebay for £299.99. So I went through the net and have found a few leather dresses of which do not compare to the cute girly shape of the Kate Moss one but still are great.

This one is by Nicole Farhi I like the shape of this and the olive colour is unusual.

Here is a selection of designer ones and have price tags of £1000 up to £2500 the cute pink one is by Marc Jacobs the one in the corner that looks like the Kate Moss one is Josh Goot and the other long sleeve dress is Jaegar

These are a selection of high street ones. The studded one is by Topshop and is £100 the others are from New Look, Oasis and Warehouse.

I have a saying for this situation and it is snooze you lose.

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