Wednesday, 26 August 2009

"Seven year life cycle"

Did you know that we have a seven year life cycle. I didn't until the other day the first cycle starts when we are born and from then on every seven years we will have changes. It is funny because lately I have been thinking about changes and it turns out I am on one of my seven year cycles spooky. Mine is more about my style for a long time I have enjoyed the whole colourful girly vintage dress, tights and cardi look, but lately I have not been interested in this look even returning a beautiful 100% cashmere coral cardigan very odd. I now want a harder rock chick vintage look and feel totally unhappy with everything in my wardrobe (not good). I have experimented with this look a few times but always felt it was not me but lately I have enjoyed my biker jacket and studded cuffs and know that this is the direction I want to go in. Now I do feel this is all down to my seven year cycle.
Now the next move do I stick my wardrobe on ebay and start again or do I work with what I have in my wardrobe and style with accessories?
My friends were totally shocked when I came back from a lunch time shopping spree with a flat pair of biker boots their faces were a picture. People who know me are finding this all a little strange but sometimes change is as good as a rest.

A few things to help me recreate my existing wardrobe. I loved the Darcie DM but these Chelsea boot version are so cute. The suede lace up peep toe boots are great and will look good with girly dresses to give the look a more edgy feel. I have loads of blazers but the lace one is so different and I don't have one that is as long as the one above. I also love fur at the moment and cant wait to see what the High Street offers but I like this waistcoat. H&M have some great fur pieces but are not in store yet. The boots are available at Urban Outfitters and the jackets are all from Topshop.

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