Tuesday, 19 January 2010

London Calling

Today was well hectic I had a meeting in London . I had half an hour to spare so I popped into Topshop and H&M on Oxford Circus sadly I only had enough time to browse so no purchases were made. :(. I wore my new shoes from Boo Hoo and they were very comfortable they are a very good copy of the Topshop ones that retailed for £95.00 obviously they are a man made fabric but apart from this a spot on copy. I took inspiration from the boots and kept my outfit all black with gold accents.


  1. They are awesome =) Great combination! You know that I love your black outfits with lots of accessories and the shoes match perfectly!

  2. Love those shoulders! so sexy and powerful!

  3. great again! fantastic boots <3

  4. Definitely great boots!! I wish BooHoo shipped to Hawaii.. :(

  5. Again so chic! Love your pants, and this necklace is gorgeous!!!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  6. Leather leggings on you are incredible.. I had a pair, my boyfriend wore them.. Like Russel Brand style.. Wish it was cold here.. I'm sick of the heat.. Summer fashion sucks..

  7. gorgeous pieces
    love the statement additions you made against the staple color of black
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your lovely comments, i appreciate it


  8. Love the boots - glad your meeting went well! xx

  9. LOVE this look. The boots are fantastic! I popped over to the Nicole Farhi on Fulham Road, they had some nice things in there. Really liked this beige watercolour print type dress. Looking forward to seeing what the new collection is like even though I can't afford most of it!

  10. I really love this necklace. I fell in love to it every time you give it a run on your blog.


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