Friday, 16 April 2010

The Outnet Sale

I have never had good luck. I have the odds of everything bad always have so it should not come as a surprise that I had no chance at all of getting anything for £1.00 on The Outnet Sale. I did not even receive my email with the link. It was only because I went onto Twitter at about 8.30am that I realised it had started I had been checking my inbox every 10 minuets from 6am alas my bad luck struck again. There was a lot of disappointed fashionsitas out there and a Facebook page called The Outnet Stole My Friday has already been started.
Did you guys have any success and if so what did you get ???


On the brighter side my Miss Selfridge leather fringe biker jacket arrived this morning I have been lusting over it since December but refused to pay £150.00 for it my patience paid off as it went down to £75.00 in there sale this week.


  1. I logged on too late too!

  2. I tried probably ten minutes maximum after it had started and couldn't get on.

  3. I managed to get an Anna Sui dress, I'm still not sure how though.

  4. Hello,

    Just had a look through your look book, insanely jealous of your wadrobe by the way :)
    I was lucky in the sale, like daisychain I'm not really sure how either!

    Think it was all done to luck and getting in really quick

  5. I also didn't get the email! But if a couple of thousand people around the world need to get that email at the same time then it takes some time to get it all send, I believe.
    And congrats on the jacket! It's always nice when you get enough patience to wait for the perfect item to go on sale! :P

  6. Got the mail as spam.
    But realized it hours later because I had to work at this time :D

  7. I got the email just in time, but everytime I would click on the link for the sale the page would take FOREVER to load! So I waited half an hour and the sale was done. :( boo hoo!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  8. I got the email at 7:24 am, logged on within mins,but everytime I clicked on the link from the email,the page would take ages to load! So I waited half an hour and the sale was alllll done. Then time for work!!!

    Love the leather jacket,


  9. I got a couple of things from each site with ease. Can't wait to receive them! Just hope they fit now.

  10. I missed when it started as well, and then when I attempted to get on it took about 20 mins just to log in. And then everything was already sold out anyway :(

    I'm so jealous of the people who got one of those burberry dresses for £1 :(


  11. Oh I love that jacket a lot! Congrats on finding it on sale! I was able to score a Marchesa dress at The Outnet, but I still think it was a pretty ridiculous sale, and should have been organized much better. But maybe they'll do a $2 sale for their 2nd bday?


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