Sunday, 18 September 2011



With London fashion week in full swing it would be rude not to do some kind of post and after watching the PPQ show the thing that stuck out for me was the model with the pink hair as you guys know I am partial too coloured hair and Ferne Cotton has also been rocking pink hair it looks like coloured hair is sticking around for a while xoxo


  1. cute pics!
    have a great Sunday!

  2. I like the pink hair. You should try doing pastel pink tips or something similar on your hair!

  3. I actually like It :/
    Anyway , have a good wsunday :)

    Bisou , Doudinou <3 (Riim)

  4. she is so very pretty. love this post!

  5. I love the pink hair and the dip dye effect. Unfortunately as my hair is dark and curly this look wouldn't really work for me. Would look fab on your hair though.

  6. I love the pink and mauve hues that are around at the moment - the good ole blue rinse will be back in fashion next! XXX


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