Saturday, 26 May 2012

Good Life


Monokini Ebay, Levis Cut offs DIY by Moi, Boots Next, Ring by Moi, Bag ASOS

Finally got the chance to wear my crochet monokini (love that word). I have to admit I did not leave the garden but I would so wear this down the coast still cant believe I haven't taken a trip down there my week has been filled up with so many things I haven't had time. I also think you need to get a tan before you wear this in the sun imagine the tan lines lol. I have been enjoying a few cheeky days in the garden with the odd bar b que and good company and this little number was perfect.

I am doing a car boot sale tomorrow I have loads of clothes to sell so hopefully make myself some dollar and then maybe a shopping trip on Monday before I head back to the 9 to 5.

Also guys I am not sure if you have tried it or not but seeing as how skint I have been this month I had to skimp a little on the old fake tan anyways I grab myself a bottle of that fake St Tropez St Moriz I found it from this ebay seller here it is totes amazing so I just thought I would let y'all know it is really easy to apply and no streaks yay.


  1. Amazing denim shorts!

  2. great look. love your shoes and monokini is a brilliant word indeed ;) X

  3. looking stunning as ever, Giselle! I know I always say it, but oh how I wish I could rock denim shorts as well as you do!!

    everybody else’s girl

  4. Have yet to stray into fake tan... Probably should seeing as its healthier! The monkini is awesome - just have to watch out for some awkward tan lines!
    It would be mine

  5. you look amazing hunny bun and hope the booty goes well tomorrow!! Hopefully the weather will stay hot hot hot! I've been hanging out in my garden all weekend, love it! xxxxxxxx

  6. You have the most amazing legs! How do you stay in good shape?

  7. Hey Anon I have just started working out last week actually :). I am lucky my brother is a PT and he owns a gym I use the cross trainer, Bike and lots of lunges and squats these are awesome for the legs xoxo

  8. Oh hiii you look amazing girl!!

  9. You look amazing as per usual, the monokini looks great on you :) xx

  10. LOVE the shorts!!!

  11. omg your monokini is absolutely stunning! love crochet xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  12. I love the black crochet! It works so well with that shade of denim :) Hope you found yourself some bargains when you went shopping x x


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