Monday, 28 May 2012

Car Booting


I was up at 5am yesterday morning to do a car boot sale. I do one a year they are good fun apart from the stupidly early start. The set up is always a bit crazy as all the dealers and bargain hunters come up to you before you have even set up coz I have been doing them for ages now I know what to except the first one I did took me by surprise I had people opening the car doors getting into the boot and taking stuff out it really freaked me out. I pretty much sold most of my stuff in the first 20 mins and the rest of the morning was steady I took £150 and the most expensive thing I sold was £8.

Car boot sales are so worth doing and clothes sell really well it is defo worth doing one. Ebay is great for selling clothes but sometimes there are things that I know would never sell on there that is when the car boot sales work.

I had a quick look around the car boot sale before I left and picked up the butterfly cuff


  1. Ahhhh bootsales are amazing! I must say you're very brave for doing it alone, it really freaks me out too when they start rifling through your boot etc haha. I must do one soon! Cute post xx

  2. I really need to do one too. I have bags full of clothes to get rid of!

  3. I am hoping to do one with my eldest daughter soon, always a good way to get some hard cash in and as you say some things just won't sell on ebay x

  4. that cuff is so pretty!

  5. i loooooooove your fanny pack here. this outfit is awesome

  6. I really really really love this outfit! Your blog is so inspiring!!


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