Saturday, 14 July 2012

California Dreaming


Kimono Topshop, Levis Cut Offs ebay (DIY by Moi), Boots ASOS here, Bag Local Market

I woke up today to sunshine it feels good so I am so going to make the most of it esp as it was my day off. I am so in love with the whole Californian style I love how those dolls over there dress and find most of my inspiration comes from Californian bloggers and luckily there are loads out there to read. I think to really feel the vibe you need the sun to shine I find the guys here in the UK seem so much more relaxed when the sun shines and I think that is why most Brits are so up tight and I should know working in retail people are so freaking moody but as soon as the sun shines everyone has a different outlook and they actually smile.

Hope you guys got to enjoy the sun before it goes AWOL again xoxo 


  1. I've had those boots in my save for later for months but I already have red boots so I keep putting it off. I love this whole outift (as usual) your jewellery looks amazing as well!

  2. I love your kimono! I love californian style too, I just wish we had the sunshine to go with it :) xx

  3. this kimono is so pretty and i love the pop of red from the boots <3

  4. Love everything, but those shorts stole my heart! So pretty! xx

  5. This weather really has put me down in the dumps and makes me moody and miserable, I've had enough! You certainly do the whole "coachella" look with ease doll, gorgeous as always xx

  6. Love it G the boots are fab

  7. Love those shorts, great boots! x

  8. Great style! I have an award for you. Visit my blog for details.
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  9. your hair looks extra amazing in these!

  10. Your style is incredible.

  11. Kick ass DIY shorts! Cali style is definitely vibin'. I'm a NYC gal, but gotta give my love to Cali. Place is BOMB.

    xx Jacqueline

  12. I like this look! ;-))


  13. Hi Giselle,

    I am a new follower and have spent the last couple of nights going through the whole of your blog. I have to say I love style blogs, but until now have only found ones I sorta like. Yours I just adore. Every item you wear rocks. I nearly fell off my chair when I also saw you have the reversible bomber jacket and fringed black Topshop cardi, and so many same pieces of jewellery. I do too, and I am in Australia !

    I do have a couple of questions. You can tell me to naff off if they are too nosey, but a) How old are you and how tall. You look about 25 and six foot... and b) Do you have a shopping budget...? I find that I go for so long being disciplined and then go a VERY big way.

    I just wanted to say hey, from Tasmania and hope you might be able to answer my q's. Your house looks amazing and your Christmas posts with snow and trees are very evocative.



  14. loving your eclectic boho vibe, you pull it off great!



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