Saturday, 14 July 2012

Twos faces


Jacket H&M, Vest Kooples, Levis ebay, Boots Office here, Bag Farhi 

After finding out that cut offs are OK in this weather I have been sticking two fingers up to the rain and rocking them. I have had this simple black jacket for a couple of months now and have worn it to death but it has never featured in an outfit post so here it is worn with my Kooples vest I love this vest best thing ever. I have always steered clear of yellow thinking it was not a great colour with blonde hair I have been proved wrong. I am loving these boots Office are now stocking them in red here and white here need them all I would really love to order the Chloe ones but hey they are totally out of my budget.

I am looking more than a little pissed off in these pics not sure why lol thanks for all the comments about my fringe it looks freaking awful in these pics just wish it would get out of that awkward length.


  1. At the moment I'm wearing similar boots, love them!

  2. beautiful outfit! you look awesome

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  3. love the the entire look! badass!


    Niknok Style

  4. Your fringe looks a lot better than mine did at that stage! Loving the boots and the tee is awesome! xx

  5. That vest is pretty awesome G

  6. I think your fringe looks coooooool, I know the feeling of the awkward length though, mine just randomly falls in my face every so often and I can't really style my hair at all at the moment - Your hair is gorgeously long so you're kinda blessed there hey?!

    You look amazing, those shoes are freaking lush!

    S xx


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