Friday, 5 October 2012

How I Wear my Michael Kors Watch

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A bloggers favourite the "Michael Kors watch", I brought mine two years ago and it is never off my wrist. It goes with everything I wear, even though it is gold I wear silver jewellery with it and it never looks out of place. How I normally wear it is stacked with lots of bracelets.

You could win this watch


Michael Kors is running a competition starting on 2nd October and finishing on 2nd November, so if you love your Michael Kors watch? Show them how you wear it! Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #MKTimeless for a chance to win one of their Paris Limited Edition Runway watch.


  1. I love Michael Kors watches, I really want a silver one. Love how you stack yours with tons of bracelets!

  2. I also want to win that watch, but I still haven't got one..but it's a gorgeous watch!

  3. I love it so much :)

  4. Beautiful watch ! :)

  5. You wear everything so much better than all the rest! Such an awesome way to wear a watch!!!


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