Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tentative Decisions Jewellery

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 The lovely Kay from Tentative Decisions sent me over these gorgeous pieces of jewellery. I love, love, love the ring it is a real statement piece, it has pretty much not been off my finger since it arrived. I am so a big fan of the hand harness, I am stoked with this one the little triangle design is really delicate and works well with my other pieces of jewellery. The raw amethyst necklace is stunning, Chanel featured a lot of raw amethyst in there AW12 collection. Be sure to check her collection out, especially if you love raw crystal jewellery.


  1. i love the rings..they are so pretty & unique!

  2. Awesome jewelry!

  3. So cute ! Love the jewelry !

    If you have the time come to my blog and if you like it maybe follow us ? ;)

    Hope to see you soon there


    Emily from PTT

  4. this is so sexy :) I am following, adorable blog!

  5. awesome jewellery!
    love the necklace.

  6. Oh gosh, so very pretty!


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