Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Golden Oldies Rock !!!!!!

Coat Karen Millen (old), Pleather Pants H&M (old), Tee Ebay, Boots Nine West, Bag Spell

I got this Karen Millen coat ages ago, it might even be classed as vintage :P. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, I rushed to the bank and got them to increase my overdraft so I could get it (back in the day b4 the "credit crunch") anyways if you times how much it costed (including the interest) by how may times I have worn it then it was pretty cheap.

 I never know if I am boring or not, my style has not really changed that much, I can drag pieces out from years ago and they still go with my current wardrobe. I suppose that is what personal style is about, I totally think I can easily grow old with my style and not look like mutton. It is my birthday this week that is why I am referring to "growing old" oh and before you ask I am totally not telling you my age ha ha


  1. you are amazing! and you have such a great style that it could never get old or boring! this coat is amazing xxx

  2. you look like a film star here !

  3. You could never, ever be classed as boring, your style is perfect and it's great you can grab old pieces and still wear them!!

    Aww, another Scorpio, we rock haha!! It's my birthday today, I'm getting old too, think you're a few years older than me (I'm 26) so happy birthday for whenever it is!!

  4. Love that leopard coat!

  5. This looks just like I would dress up today!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Spell bag. Congrats on the feature on their blog! Keep up the great work :)


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