Friday, 9 November 2012

My Kinda Coat

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I am a sucker for fur coats, I have built up a bit of collection over the years (they even have there own wardrobe), they will never date and just like everything that I own, they give maximum impact with minimal effort. I am such a lazy dresser.

I have been wanting a long hair, shaggy coat for ages but never seemed to find the perfect one, until I saw this beaut in Topshop here the ombre fur was to hard to resist and after nearly an hour in the fitting (no jokes my mum was pulling her hair out) deciding between the size 10 or size 8, I finally made a decision (size 8) and now it is mine.

The reviews on Topshops website about it were a bit harsh, I can see that if you are worried about adding bulk then this coat totally would not be for you. I don't care fur coats always make you look a little bulky and I am used to this. I just love it for the statement piece that it is.


  1. Oh my I want that Topshop beauty!! AMAZING love it!!

  2. Wow all those fur coats, give me one! They are all beautiful! :)

  3. the ombre colour coat is fabulous!

  4. Oh Hi, this coat is amazing!


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