Sunday, 19 May 2013

Santa Monica Blues

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 photo la3_zpsb140f84e.jpg
 photo la4_zpsb0ce78a2.jpg
 photo IMG_9043_zps16f5d365.jpg  photo surf1_zpsbf000bac.jpg

I had the most amazing time in Santa Monica.  I loved that I was a ten minuet walk from Free People (I made quite a few visits). The shopping in Santa Monica is out of this world, it has every shop you can think of. Venice Beach is also good for shopping, there is some unique pieces and great t shirts.

I went on my own and met so many interesting people. I met a guy at the hotel pool who was a roadie with The Rolling Stones in the 1990's, he had so many cool stories and was off the following night to watch them at the Honda Center.

I dont have that many pictures of myself (the downside of travelling alone) that and having no one to apply suntan lotion to your back, as I found out on the first day I decided to hit the beach.

I hit Venice Beach pretty much everyday it was about a three mile walk from my hotel, the walk was literally following the coastline so a real beautiful walk. I couldnt resist getting a few tattoos done at House of Ink. I also meet up with some local surfers and had some surf lesson, I am pretty poor but practice makes perfect.

Now I am left with the holiday blues as always when I go to La, so I am planning my next trip there :)


  1. It looks like an amazing holiday! Love the outfit with the hat and leather jacket x

  2. wow. you look right at home there.
    your trip looked fab.

  3. I have been SO jealous following your holiday on Instagram. Santa Monica looks amazing and so do you! You definitely belong in the sun!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  4. amazing, amazing pics Gis, I am so proud that you conquered your fear of flying to go, you're a real inspiration to me. As always you looked like you fit right in with the Santa Monica vibe, in every shot you look amazing. Can't wait to see a haul of the bits you bought!!

    I used to be a really keen surfer so absolutely in love with the last shot, although they are all amazing. Would love to surf out there one day.

    Absolutely gorgeous post and I bet you have a killer tan!! Well jel!!

    Loads of love Amie xxxxx

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  7. great photos, looks like you've had a lot of fun! <3

  8. Santa Monica is every cool girls fit right in!! xx

  9. gorgeous shots, doll! santa monica is so beautiful! btw, your outfit on picture 5 is absolutely perfect. so in love with that hat!

  10. Beautiful photos, Santa Monica looks like paradise.

    What Lola Wants

  11. these photos are amazing! i am so incredibly jealous that you went there. and i really admire you for going alone as well, i don't know if i would have the courage to do that. xxx

  12. love these pictures!!!!! i envy u!!! and u look great!!!

    love from Poland :)

  13. Ha, have been to Santa Monica last year and I loved it so much, too! Your pics are stunning, the Free People store wasn't opened yet when I was there, but I drolled in to the store in Santa Barbara! Really loved shoppinng at the Wasteland stores, amazing pieces and amazing prices. xx

  14. I love the photos..Venice is one of my favorite places.


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