Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Picture Me

Picture Me Trailer

Picture Me MySpace Video

I watched a documentary the other night called Picture Me it is about model Sara Ziff her bf is filming and following her around as she does her fabulous job it is filmed over 5 years if you can see it, it is really worth it as it gives a real insight into the life of being a model the highs and the lows. I really love the opening credits and the rawness of the filming makes it feel more real.

Also I want to tell you about this website. If you are like me and you go onto certain websites every day to check new arrivals their is now a website that does it all for you it covers everything from high street to designer and updates as the online stores update their websites. Check it out it is called Shop Pulse it is so easy to use.

Aude from My Little Fashion World contacted my the other day to do an interview check it out and her blog here.


  1. Little tribute for you:

  2. My boyfriend watched this and said I should watch it, it was on too late for me but will try and catch it some time.

  3. thank you thank you for both links! i enjoyed the film and the website! actually i might've found a perfect black maxi skirt i was talking about ) will be checking the website again!


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