Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Refreshed & Relaxed


Shorts Primark (DIY by moi), Top H&M, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Hat New Look

I finally got a chance to rock my customised Primark bargain shorts sorry that there has been so much flesh on show in my last few posts but it has been seriously hot and even this vest was too heavy I ended up swapping it for a crop top. I tend to wear hats or sun visors quite a bit I am totally paranoid about the sun on my face I have had two chemical peels for acne scarring (damn teenage skin) so it is ultra sensitive to the suns rays. I am back to work tomorrow and it is the start of the summer sale season so I feel all relaxed and ready to go back and face the madness. The weather has totally made my week feel like a proper holiday just gutted I did not make it down to the coast. I am not having a holiday abroad this year I am saving up for a really special one next year which I am totes excited about.


  1. Love the outfit all together, but those shorts are amazing! Lovely DIY. Glad you had a nice relaxing week. Ooh special holiday sounds fab, I'm hoping to go away this summer, haven't been away in years x

  2. I saw these shorts the other day but they didn't have my size :( They look fab customised on you. I love that top too, they don't have that colour this year though. I hate the sun on my face too, I wanna stay looking young for as long as possible lol but hats always look amazing so it's fine!! xxx

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  4. I was thinking of writing a comment like the one above because it made me laugh but I will just say, great outfit as ever and I couldn't give two monkeys whether you follow my blog lol xx

  5. Can't believe I've only just stumbled across your amazing blog! Followed x

  6. the shorts are really fab!

  7. love the shorts huni you look amazing as ever. I have felt a bit naked the past few days too but it's too hot to cover up! I always wear hats and muchos suncream too as I am worried about damaging my skin, I did burn when I was younger because I wanted to have a tan (stupid i know!) but now I am always on it with the suncare!

    Your skin is amazing as ever xxxx

  8. I love those shorts, the DIY you have done on them just MAKES them :) xx

  9. **gasp** Those shoes. Could they be any more perfect? I think not. I love the wedge, and the Grecian look they have to them is killer. I've got some serious shoe envy over here. Gosh, you look so pretty! I adore your necklace as well.

    May the force be with you.

  10. Gorgeous look, as always! I love the shorts!
    Can I please email you about the chemical peels hun? I've tried everything from lazer surgery to the worst anti biotics and I have been thinking of having a peel for a while?? Thanks! xx

  11. These shorts are amazing how you customised them!! Love your blog!


    shyla x

  12. huge fan of this outfit, you look great

    -He approves

    Fashion by He


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