Saturday, 21 July 2012

Laid back

Jumper Stefanel, High Tops ebay

I am not a big  fan of the "jumper dress" but this one had so much to offer I loved the cut out detail on the shoulder and the knit and colour combo the knit is super delicate I have to be careful what jewellery I wear with it. I decided to play it down and just team it with high tops. High tops pretty much go with anything and dress everything down in such a cool laid back way. I was checking out Stefanels AW12 collection the other day I really love their stuff they have got an amazing colour palette for Fall lots of fern greens and plum tones. Also super stoked that summer has finally arrived in the UK not sure for how long all I know is that I have the next two days off and it is gonna be sunny.


  1. Love the look, like how you've mixed feminine details with more androgynous footwear,
    love chloe x x x

  2. The cut out shoulders make this dress! You look lovely and your hair looks perfect.

  3. It looks so good. I have often contemplated the jumper dress but haven't managed to find one I think might be ok for me, nice work !


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